Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Haunted House

So my ghoul-friends and I went and checked out Netherworld. Claimed to be the best thing on the planet or something? We did have a lot of fun though. We all had lil bottles of Jack Daniels, and I brought everyone these strawberry cream shots. Taken from Netherworld FAQ page: Do you serve alcoholic beverages? NO! And they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any.

Jessica brought glow necklaces for all of us, she also brought some Lays Chip chasers for the JD. I made some sugar cookies shaped as bats, pumpkins and ghosts. Jessica totally knew I made them with the help of Pillsbury. Haaa This all made the lines tolerable.

Lots of laughs and lots of screams later, I loved the real haunted house "look" inside. I particularly didn't care for the spinning room and that room that caved in and looked like poo. I about had a conniption fit when I saw the walls closing in and I see Lorraine on the other side. Rebbecca made a great tour guide with her devil pitch fork glow stick. The second haunted house was short lived. Thought I had more fun in the 2nd one. That may have been because I was in front and not seeing what to expect, as I was towards being in the middle the first time around.

I got some great ideas on decorating because of course I sucked all of that into my brain. I finally realized what those web sling glue guns are and decided I really need one. ;)

I had a great time with the girls and hopefully will make this a tradition amongst the bitches & betches, and go again next year.

In the meantime I am pretty much finished outside decorating, minus the strobe lights and fog machines. Added a lil fresh live moss, thanks to my co-worker. I used them around the hands and zombies coming out of the ground.

Finishing up the loose ends on planning the halloween party. Don't think I'll be able to do a kid party on Friday. :( this saddens me - but I've just got too much on my plate with my own party - it's called my brain! *cackles* We'll see...

Kids got their costumes this weekend. Jade is a Spider Countess and Dylan is a Wolf. On Sunday night the whole family dressed in our costumes and watched Halloween shows on TV after dinner. - A day in the life of the McGrath home. ;)

This weekend I would like to take the kids to the Haunted Hill and check that place out.

Until then my fellow ghouls, there's only 10 more days left till Halloween!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'll meet you at the cemetry gates

So, I started decorating on the last weekend of September, thank the ghouls I started early because last weekend there was a lot of rain. The first two pictures is the fence I made all by myself. Some of the pictures will show you some of the creations that I previously blogged about, you'll get to see the finished products now. As you enter my cemetery, note the smoke machines and strobe lights are not up yet, they will be on the weekend of Halloween.

Now, I will take you from the porch in the front of my house and into the dead end cemetery...

We've only just begun...
and so it begins... (real black light - purchased at Home Depot) the ones you get at the halloween stores are just purple lights (FYI). Also my favorite and one of my very first halloween decorations is the Crypt Keeper my mom got me many years ago.
Here's the potion jars... with flash
and without flash under black light! (use tonic water for the glowing effect). My spirit ball witch... she's a funny one!
Another potion jar and my cauldron.

My front door.

Dylan's costume from last year, mannequin head and body I made out of chicken wire!

This is my halloween boyfriend, he doesn't have a name other than "my boyfriend", he no longer is scaring the pants off my friend, Kim. haaaaa
The walkway...

You will now enter the cemetery... ps: those are not orbs from the cemetery, it's just a lil rain.
with flash!

don't fear the reaper

with flash!
without flash!

Tim's part in decorating was adding and inserting this shovel ;)

Not sure why my skeletons are all drunk in the graveyard...

the pumpkin king!
another one of my faves... the candelabra with flicker bulbs. One has bats the other a witch.

my North Carolina ceramic pumpkin my mom got me. I had two some devil child stole the other

Oddly enough... the only decorations in my house.
This last picture is for Tim (inside joke, because we're pranksters.... he scared me 2x this morning. So while he was taking a shower I threw cold water over the curtain. heeeee
24 more days till Halloween!!!!