Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easterween & Mummies Day

Little late, but better than never. I spent the day before Easter with my mini witch in training dying easter eggs. I decided to get a little more creative with my eggs this year instead of using the tradional pastels, making circles or stripes. What if I had a halloween inspired easter!

So, I made an orange one into a pumpkin, a green egg into zombie, a purple egg into skeleton (seen above), and a midnight blue one into bat (seen above). I thought I did such a fabulous job, but after taking them out of the dye I noticed the clear wax crayons were not-so fabulous. Next year, maybe I will dye them first, then use some inexpensive craft acrylic paint to them.

Last, but not least on Mothers Day I received a real Bucky! Not a blucky! My very first BUCKY!!!!!  Not sure that I will wind up corpsing him, think I will keep him just the way he is. As for right now I find him sitting against the wall or in a corner of about every room in the haunted mansion. It's quite funny not sure how he's getting around, but he does.

Only, 160 days till Halloween my happy haunters!