Monday, September 20, 2010

Scare who?

I've got 4 more days till set up begins. It's been a long while since I last wrote. I have been busy, and with little spare time I have had, I've been finishing up the odds and end of my projects this year.

So we begin with this a corny-as-hell scarecrow. He came with a big lot of stuff I found off a craigslist add. Was going to ditch it, but decided to keep him and put him to good use. And I hacked him!

In my last blog you can see how I started his face. I used my son's vampire costume from 4 years ago. Stuffed his legs and got some corn husks for his feet and hands. The idea of the vampire came from watching Underworld when the head vampire burns his daughter for being in love with the werewolf.

Idea of the skeleton face came from the book "How to Haunt your House". See below on the beginning process but basically it was like the corpsing effect just neater and using paper towels instead of toilet paper with carpet adhesive. I painted him with craft paint and sealed him with polyurethane.

This is it for now. As I need to cook dinner for my bloody thirsty children. I will update hopefully tomorrow with the mounting I finished and keep you going up and through Halloween.