Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO!

124 more days, but only 87 more for set up time! *insert witch cackle here*

Planted pumpkin seeds on July 11th, as of today's date this is what I've got. Vines are starting to come out. I'm either going to have a lot of pumpkins on my hands or a nice carriage for my prince to escort me in on Halloween night.

These are some more skeletons I worked on this past weekend with the help from my apprentice witch, Jade. Don't ya love the sinister grin on his face?

Oh, I went to Barnes & Nobel over the weekend to pick up some books I had a list of about 11. They didn't have one I wanted. So I ordered How to Haunt Your House and Halloween Prop Makers Handbook. Not like I need help how to haunt but extra ideas always come in handy! Hurry up mailman!!! *stirs cauldron*

Other than that I think I'm going to dive into the depths of my garage this weekend and pull out my zombie and the dead dude who needs a fix'n. Picked up a new motor at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.

Last but not least I discovered some new (to me) websites via Twitter. By the way you can follow me on there if you wish... http://twitter.com/madame_jen - and please spare me your bullshit. I only follow those creative & like minded individuals.

Ta-ta for now mortals...
love the madame

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Corpsing is fun!!!

So thanks to some online haunters who have shared their talent. I have turned some of my plain ol blucky's into yummy fresh corpses. I started out with a blucky, because I would rather spend under $10 than $100 for a skeleton. I have purchased some of these from Big Lots, but actually got a few from the garage sales I went to. I went to home depot and picked up the carpet adhesive, two cans of wood stain. Already had latex gloves, toilet paper, drop cloth and a brush handy for the wood stain.

I give this guy credit for the wood stain color - http://www.theghostess.com/bluckycorpse.htm

You can truly get lost in the web searching for things, and come to realize there are so many people like myself. Even though I stole an idea or two from this guy and that gal, this was my personal technique. PS: I used a dremel instead of the box cutter because, people that shit is just plain ol dangerous!!!!

1. I cut out the eyes, nose mouth, around the rib cage area and bones.
2. I spray painted (flat black) inside the ribs and skull.
3. After the paint dried, I applied some cheese cloth around the eyes and nose.
4. Went to town with gloves on hands, and used the carpet adhesive spreading it all around the skeleton. I did one side at a time because it's very tacky/sticky.
5. Applied toilet paper to the carpet adhesive. Just play around with it.
6. Step 4 & 5 repeat after 1st application dries - process took almost a week.
7. When he's all dried up then take the wood stain. I used the lighter color first and the darker one to accent areas. Dabbing the excess with a paper towel.
8. Tim and I were totally grossed out and in awww at this point!!!
9. Just wait till he dries. ;)

Right now I'm trying to make my blucky into a ground breaker and mount him so he stays put. Still working on that but he's almost finished.
There are some other items I've been working on corpsing that were some odd treasures from the craigslist ads I came across that I'm working on. To me they looked a bit corny so I had to alter them to make it more gruesome.

Tricks and Treats

So I often snoop around craigslist for halloween stuff. I ran into another good one right before I went on vacation. I think I just might have hit the jackpot (again). Family was cleaning out their basement and the father was super into halloween. They had spent a good penny on the stuff, and I got it for next to nothing. Come October I will send them pictures, knowing their unwanted halloween items went to a good home. Favorites in these pictures is the entrance way to the cemetary, spirit ball (large), small coffin, creepy tree, life size bat, and some ground breakers. More altering and corpsing coming my way, and all unwanted items will be donated to my good friends.