Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days of the Dead Horror Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

So this morning I wake up, do my daily routine which in part consists of a cigarette and a cup of coffee (always in a halloween inspired mug). I take my nifty iphone out on my porch and review all my emails, texts and whatever social networking notifications I receive. Low and behold on Facebook the first post I see is from Days of The Dead and it reads “Peachtree City, Georgia”. I do a double take, click on the link and realize that this is literally right next door to my home.

Now mind you, I knew this event was coming here to Atlanta since last year, but assumed it was in the city. Nothing this cool EVER happens in the burbs. With pure joy I immediately sent a text to The Undertaker and one to my ghoul friend who is coming into town for this event. Spooky enough they both write back about wearing costumes for the ball on Friday night and the contest on Saturday night. Which got me thinking Vampira again??? I think so! So off goes an email to my makeup artist to set the date.

Anyway, I’m totally stoked about this event, it's just a little over a month away and only down the street from my home. Also first to hit Atlanta, Georgia. Usually haunt cons tend to be in the northern states. By the way if you check out the site (linked above), it appears as though this convention will be going to Indianapolis as well as Chicago, too. So if your out in those areas check it out. I’ll write about my experience after the event, as I do with the DragonCon each year.

Hope everyone is hauntingly well!
Stay spooky,

Madame Jen

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