Monday, August 17, 2009


I know we're still in August but, I guess because I live in Georgia now I can actually sense the season change. I wanted to start a blog about the stuff I'm doing for Halloween and since I've gotten some ideas from some really nice folks who shared their own ideas online. I figured it would only be fair to share some of my own.

Since I've been on my own and out of my parents house, I've always wanted to have a spookiest house on Halloween (besides the spookiness that's inside all year round). I wanted to be just like those Christmas freaks that dress up their houses in lights, reindeer's, and Santa's, but having skeletons, blood, tombstones, coffins, etc.... I recall being a little girl and there was a police officer at the end of my street and he had the scariest shit in his yard. His whole sidewalk was lined up with bloody heads. I guess you can call it a fascination. Any hoot, I've lived in apartments up until I moved to Georgia (3 years ago) where I could finally unleash my fascination. You can only decorate the outside of an apartment so much. At your own house and your own yard you can do what ever the hell you want!!! *evil grin*

So here it begins....

About 2 weeks ago I got on a Halloween kick! Searching on props & decorations online. Some props can be super costly, and some you can just make on your own! My thought on starting this was to give some tips, maybe some people can even share their own tips. Tips on creating, diy, ideas, saving, etc...

For instance, a few years ago I purchased some of those foam tombstones from the dollar store. Well last year I got some moss and plastic spiders and dressed them up a bit. Just by taking a glue gun, a bag of moss from the dollar store and some plastic spiders I had from the past years spider web (which we always throw out when we're done, just keep the spiders it comes with). You can pick up the same bag of moss from the dollar store, they sell it at Michael's or any other craft store for $2.59 and up! One bag of moss will go a long way.

The other thing I did last year was I kinda stole the Scott's Grass notifications off my neighbors lawns. It's just that stupid black stick with a flag (people throw it in the trash anyway). Ok back to the point. You know how those dollar store tombstones never stay in the ground or the metal prongs it comes with to stick in the ground is super flimsy and/or break? Well I took the Scott's Grass sticks and glued them with my glue gun to the back. It works PERFECT! PS: If your using a hot glue gun make sure it's cool, hot glue will burn right through that foam. ;)

Another thing that was pretty cool that the kids discovered was when I was playing with the glue gun and tacking the spiders on the tombstone, the glue made a web "look" as I would take it away and attach. So I actually started playing with the glue gun and made a bunch of spiderwebs at the corner of the tombstones. FYI: They are selling webcasters (freak'n glue guns) for $50 bucks! You can buy a glue gun for several bucks at a craft store or you might have one handy around the house.

So that's it for this discussion. I'll continue with another blog on great Halloween dollar store finds! Finding coupons online, and my prop creations.

Feel free to leave spooktacular comments!


  1. I have so slacked the past several Halloweens...I should probably be beaten for it. Maybe your little blog here will help me get off my ass this year!

  2. Cool! Do you at least pass out candy? lol

  3. Madame, if you will recall how my home was decorated, starting on about October 1, then you know we share the same interest. I have collected Halloween decorations for over 20 years. My collection now is to extensive, the neighbors are praying for me because they think I worship Satan - I sh*t you not. I now have two six foot tall mummies that guard my front door, a dancing, singing skeleton (he sings Super Freak) I keep him on my front porch, six clay pumpkins that I light up and scatter throughout my front lanai, ghosts made out of gauze hanging from my trees with bats and black crows, pumpkins over the carriage lights on my garage, I change the pillows on my front porch chairs to orange with pumpkin shaped pillows on the back, I have a cauldron with a bare black tree in it with pheasant feathers and skulls and spiders and a crow on it - kind of a big, then I have an iron gate and behind it I have my graveyard and I have black crows perched on the iron gate. I have blow up frankenstein and blow up ghost carousel, and the piece de resistance is my two four foot high gargoyles that I place on either side of my pool deck that leer out at the whole city (since I live on top of the hill they can been seen from afar) I light those guys up, too, with spots. Of course I have ghost lights that go all the way across the awning on my back pool patio and a pumpkin patch of light up scary pumpkins in the backyard around and behind the Loch Ness Monster. I also have collected a complete array of inside decorations including a five foot hight X-mas tree that I decorate for Halloween! I have table a couple of sets of Halloween linens, I have chargers, glasses and plates all reserved for the month of October. I take away decorations on my coffee tables, breakfast bar and kitchen and replace them with haunted houses that light up and scary trees, and skulls with mice and spiders crawling in and out of them. I have rugs for my entry and in my kitchen. I have Halloween kitchen towels and guest towels for my half guest bath. This year I am adding toilet seat cover and new rug to that same bath. Each year I add something for inside and something for outside. I don't know what it will be this year, but I can't wait to go checking out all the decorations! Yeah, we share the same love for this holiday - I recall my kids (especially Tone) telling me he thought it was embarrassing to bring his friends home during the month of October - all I can say is hehehehehehe (insert your witch cackle here please) Love You XO

  4. I recall the conversation last year when you were telling me about your neighborhood and the decorations. haaaaa

    My trick'o treaters wont even come up to my door. They remain in the driveway in fear!

    I've got the cemetary going this year we are going to build sides to my existing fence to keep the pesky kids out. I usually don't decorate the inside too much, but think I'm going to throw a Samhain party this year so I'll have to get into that. ;)