Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You can catch me in a dark alley

Sorry for the delay, but the madame has been busy these past few weeks... just got back from Miamispooktatic, Florida for a super vampy photo shoot with Miss Janette Valentine of http://www.terriblygirly.com/. Photos coming soon!

Of course I have been still stirring my cauldron and brewing up my projects...

I have officially started on the fence to my graveyard. Super easy project. After I paint it I will post up details and pictures.

My mother came to town to watch those beefcakes otherwise known as the Miami, Dolphins. I think my mom and I should have casted a spell over the Falcons because they winded up winning. :( By the way my mother is a witch too. She is the one who gave me the gift of the "cackle". Well, she and I took our brooms and hit some garage sales... got a few good things like witch hats and old costumes, which will be great on some of those mannequin heads. - By the way I have decided to just use scary masks for now.

I have also started playing around with the jars. I made a few more while she was here. In the meantime here are several other witch potion jars I made up... I will make labels for them after I finish the handful I have left to do at the castle.

Ok so here we go! First take a gander at your fridge and clean out some of those old jars that have one pickle left in it or in my case 3 jars with 2 pepperoncinis in it. Fill the sink with water and let them soak. The labels will come right off. Stick those jars in your dishwasher. Take the lids outside with some newspaper and spray paint the tops black (I did mine with flat black).

After that is all taken care of fill these jars with whatever you've got, have fun with it and of course creative. They sell all kinds of little cute things for a dollar at Target and of course the Dollar Tree to fill these jars up. You might even have some old broken halloween items at home and/or if you have boys... go through their toy boxes, your bound to find something in there.

The first one I used a plastic bat, dirt from the bottom of the moss bag, water, cheesecloth for the top with some of that dry stuff and wrap it around (fog bat, I forget the name right now). I dressed the top of it with a little skeleton hand.

The second one I made was with some skull heads I got at the dollar store. Added some moss, with a little bit of water. Again, I added cheesecloth and wrapped it with that stuff and dressed the top with a skeleton hand.

The third one not shown here, was made with a bunch of eyes, and the forth was made with body parts (ear, tongue, finger, toes). The one with the body parts I put some red dye in there that was made with an oil base. Really cool cause when it hit the water the red dye stayed and is like red beads. Super neat effect. I'll add those pictures soon.

39 days till Samhain....