Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to BOO!

Back to (BOO) School means the end of summer, jumping right into fall. My family and I just got back from our vacation, where my husband and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary. While we were both under the impression it was our 10th. Ha-ha! We enjoyed our stay in the North Georgia Mountains in a beautiful cabin, the front yard was the Coosawattee River. We had so much fun, yet it was incredibly relaxing. One morning my husband and I got up and took a walk. On the grounds of the property we were staying on was a pet cemetery, which I thought was kinda cool. Not a great picture but one of the stones were marked "our beloved pet".

During my vacation and on the actual day of my anniversary, the Boney Bunch went on sale. I have 6 pieces from past years. My mom gets me the wedding couple each year as an anniversary gift. So I woke up had my coffee and cig and ran to the computer. Low and behold on a bad boo note the one I wanted was sold out Boney Bunch Couple on a Boat. There isn't a Yankee Candle near where I was at, low and behold my fellow haunter/friend The Undertaker came through and picked it up for me. Saves the day! So grateful!

The other great thing about my stay was my finds at the local flea market and antique stores where I picked up the sign of the beast and the prince of darkness!!! All three original albums in mint condition for a total of $15. *Note Mr. Crowley is a picture disc.

How cool is cold medicine branded with the sign of the beast?

Retuning home from our trip I went grocery shopping and picked up this on the way out. I think I will make one "treat" each week from now through October. I always make spooktacular goodies for my party. This will give me good practice to come up with new stuff. PS the crafts are super corny in this book, always are every year.

Last but not least as summer ends, I am reminded of fall. Catching up on all my fellow haunters blogs with the latest and greatest halloween finds at stores. I see every one is busting their witch moles with their halloween projects. All of this is so inspiring! Which leaves me feeling so incredibly guilty! I have been so busy this year with all my other side projects/jobs/goals, I have spent no time whatsoever on my halloween props. I am making a promise to myself to get into that damn garage this weekend (after back to school shopping for my kidos) and begin to organize the monster mess. I REALLY want to work on finishing the corpses I did last year by mounting them into position. My husband and I built a fence last month so the scrap wood left over is going to come in handy. Not sure that I will get to re-doing my tombstones this year as originally planned. The madame's side project Burning Tears has to make candles for centerpieces and gifts for a November wedding in Miami, for a very special couple. 

In the meantime, I will do my best to keep you updated on the treats I make as well as mounting of the corpses.

82 more days!

Happy Haunts!!!!

The Madame

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