Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall-ing into place

This weekend I took a much needed break for myself. Friday, I stepped into the garage and pulled out some halloween props, just to play with and grasp more inspiration. I took out the laptop and checked out every halloween inspired website. Came to this conclusion... I have no "dead" women in my cemetery. WHY??? Realizing that 99% of props are all men, if in fact they are not a witch. Crazy huh?

So, I have two identical ground breakers who will become husband and wife. I took off their heads and have started the process. Will keep you updated on my progression, right now they are dying or drying to be painted. *insert witch cackle*

68 more days till Halloween and 36 more days till set up.

The Madame


  1. You're absolutely correct! The (after)world needs more female zombies & goblins!

    I have a very girly ghoul who is holding her head & she's wearing a nice blouse & has a slip on under her skirt, the works.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished project! xo

  3. Hi Lisa! I think I will make another female once I'm done with this one. I've got some pretty left over red velvet I used in some curio boxes, I think will look perfect! You have a link to the picture of your girly-ghoul-friend?

    Thanks Jyl, me too. Adheasive takes a bit to dry. Should be another week or two to complete. :P

  4. As a matter of fact, I do have a link!

    She's not 100% done yet. I just found a great tutorial on hands and will try that out this weekend. I'm not completely happy with the skirt, either. And she's really clean.

    I bet the red velvet will look great!

  5. Thats AWESOME! Love the use of the tool. You have a website or blog with your halloween goodies?

  6. Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone with talent like yours!
    I don't have a H'ween blog yet - I've been thinking about it. I probably should, since I talk about it a lot! I have next week off work - sounds like a good project for me!