Wednesday, October 6, 2010

25 days away...

This past weekend I decorated my witch wart off! At a few points I was overwhelmed with all of it. Bottom line is the grounds of my cemetery are kept, with a few minor adjustments to make (fixing broken lights). I will take some pictures over the weekend. Here's a sneak peak. Trick is to turn off the flash!

Back in August, Ama Lea from sunny California came all the way down here to Atlanta for some photoshoots. Low and behold Miss Ama Lea is a halloween enthusiast herself! Here's a teaser shot from our shoot. Makeup & Hair by the sweet, Cherry Dame.

Lastly, the halloween invite that my gal pal rock'n Jean made is pretty fucking killer! My wolf and I have been on the fence about costumes my mind has changed twice already... 

Happy Haunts! xo

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