Friday, April 8, 2011


Good afternoon Ghouls & Goblins!

Going to bring you all up to speed here, as you can see from my last post I was quite the busy witch during the month of October. Here's why! One of the MANY things I love about Atlanta... The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade! Below are some pictures from the fun day, we had. Enjoy...


  1. You know the worst thing about Halloween events? They're too close to Halloween! I've always wanted to go to this parade but have never been! THIS year it's going to be different! Do you know what do you have to do to be in it? Maybe The Undertaker could make an appearance. Hmmmmmmm. Looks like an amazing time!!

  2. YOUR SO RIGHT! I totally missed Netherworld this year and that Zombie attraction. :(

    I can ask a few friends who were in it, and find out for ya.

    Keep ya posted...