Friday, April 8, 2011

Halloween Night 2010

Good afternoon once again...

Below are some pictures taken from my cemetary last year on Halloween night. I appologize as my really nice photography machine wasn't being very cooperative, maybe a ghoul was playing tricks on me. The very first picture is of my Lovah and the last is the two of us... enjoy!


  1. Excellent! I love it! I really love the lighting too! I always forget to think about that. I'm so glad that you shared these! Inspirational!

  2. *tips hat* thank you...

    The first years I had red and green spot lights. Then replaced the red for all green. Thinking blue this year? Spot lights have stakes to stick in the ground. Inexpensive at Home Depot.

  3. I use all red lights inside and all blue outside. But last year I just could seem to get the blue spots in a place where they'd illuminate everything properly. I like the idea of staking them in the ground. Cool.

    I have 3-4 tiki torches that I paint black and use too but they're a bit dangerous.

  4. It looks similar to this but brown from Home Depot.
    You can adjust to your liking. I think I want to try the blue for a more ghostly effect.