Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I took some inspirational shots this spring. Thought it would be pretty witch'n to share.

First 3 shots of the skeleton in the cage
were taken here at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

These next few shots were taken at our trip to
Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.
I liked the stacked effect they did with the skulls.
I wish I would have taken a better shot or more
of the moss that grows on the trees in Central Florida.
Spanish moss grows in the masses there.
I always put spanish moss in my tree
during halloween time and drape it across my tombstones too.

This was on one of the rides, skull on a stick, what's not to love.

Of course a nice shot of the head hunter.
Because shrunken heads are just delightful!
*must have one of my own, soon*

This was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They re-vamped
the ride quite a few years ago to include Johnny Depp
(sooo, hot want to touch the hiney).
Apparently the 60 year old lady behind me thought so, too.

These last two are a little blurry, but you get the point...

Summer is finally here! One bloody hot summer to go. Witch (lol) means our favorite time of the year is not so far away.

With love,

Madame Jen